Does Iran Want War?

LTC Ralph Peters (ret.) says: If we’re pulled into war, we need to strike hard and fast – before Iran’s allies can make mischief in international forums. We should destroy as much of Tehran’s nuclear infrastructure as possible, eliminate its air force and air defenses and wreck its naval facilities beyond repair – no matter the collateral damage. The madmen in Tehran must pay an unbearable price.

We pulled too many punches in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and now we’re paying the price. If Tehran drags us into war, we should make the conflict so devastating and painful that even our allies are stunned.

It doesn’t pay in the end to be too concerned over the death of “innocents.” Failure to impress upon the population that they have been well and truly whipped just leads to a long Phase IV for which the American people have no more patience. Let the Chinese and the Russians and the North Koreans and the Cubans and the Venezuelans watch and learn.


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